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LactoGold Gel Series


The Pets Series

LactoGold Gel Series

The #1 Choice of Vets 

Fast, Immediate Action for Quick Relief 

LactoGold Gel

Improves appetite

Promotes healthy digestive system

Strengthens bones and teeth

Convenient and easy to use

For Regular Use

LactoGold Probiotics Gel provides a highly palatable gel formulation with a unique blend of specially extracted live and potent Lactobacillus. The gel form enables easy dispensing and makes it ideal for feeding small pets. It is proven to support healthy digestive system by inhibiting bad bacterial growth and promoting a healthy gut. It increases the appetite and digestion of pets suffering from stress, sickness, loss of appetite and at times during transport or environmental changes. 


The added calcium strengthens the pets’ bones and teeth.

LactoGold Gel

See What Happened to Me after Taking LactoGold!

LactoGold K Gel

For A Stronger Dose

LactoGold K Gel is the enhanced formulation of LactoGold Gel and is a must-have for pet owners. Specially formulated with a special type of clay mineral, LactoGold K Gel absorbs toxins quickly, effectively inhibiting diarrhoea and giving comfort to pets.

Removes toxins quickly

Effective in treating diarrhoea

Improves appetite

Speeds up recovery of digestive system

LactoGold K Gel

Spend More Time Playing

 When You Choose LactoGold!

LactoGold M Gel, Glacan B Gel

LactoGold M Gel, Glacan B Gel

For Veterinary Use

LactoGold M Gel and Glacan-B Gel are the enhanced formulation of LactoGold Gel that vets love to use. 


LactoGold M Gel is formulated with special types of clay minerals for fast absorption of toxins, usually in the cases of diarrhoea. 


LactoGold Glacan-B Gel is often used to treat fungal infection, giving comfort to pets. 

Highly recommended by vets

Removes toxins effectively

Treats fungal infection quickly

Improves appetite

Reduces stress 

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