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Plant Health

Plant Health Series 

Top Grade Organic Fertilisers Producing Nutritious Food in a Sustainable and Green Manner

EcoSan™ fertilisers were developed to meet the increasing demands of agricultural farmers and urban landscaping experts. Fermented with premium strains of Lactobacilli, EcoSan™ fertilisers deliver a comprehensive range of nutrients and minerals essential for healthy plant growth. Using our specially developed EcoSan™ fertilisers, harvests of heavy, nutrient rich crops are now possible!



Knowing how to manage the ecosystem properly can make a huge difference to the quality of crops as well as the sustainability of the land. The ecosystem includes the soil, inorganic matter, plants, and the microbial community. Fertilisers are usually added to make up for the lack of minerals in the soil. However, in order to help plants grow well, attention must be given to both the plant and the soil.


For many years, the agricultural industry has relied heavily on chemical NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) fertilisers that promised high crop yield and high turnover so as to meet the food demands of a rapidly increasing global population. However, many cases of long-term use of chemical NPK fertilisers in farming have resulted in poor crop quality, low nutrient content, and damage to the soil and environment. 

Long-term use of chemical NPK fertiliser:

  • Adversely affects soil acidity

  • Adversely affects plant growth and crop production

  • Causes long-term imbalances in soil pH and fertility

  • Causes accumulation of nitrates in soil and water

  • Causes destruction of ecosystem

EcoSan™, The Organic Fertiliser

EcoSan™, The Organic Fertiliser

Naturally Organic

Fully Fermented, Antibiotics-Free Manure

Balanced C/N ratio, complete mix of nutrients, trace elements and humic acid

Proprietary Lactobacillus Technology

Nutritious & Sweeter Crops

Multipurpose Fertiliser

Soil Rejuvenation & Remediation

The EcoSan™ organic fertiliser uses Otemchi Biotechnologies Lactobacillus Technology and is specially prepared from fully fermented antibiotic-free manure. It is a multi-purpose fertiliser that can be used to grow beautiful flowers, fresh and juicy fruits, lovely green vegetables and other commercial crops and garden plants. As an excellent soil conditioner, it effectively remediates damaged soil, bringing it to its original pristine condition. 

Chicken is fed on Lactobacillus and antibiotic-free diet

Lactobacillus fed chicken dropping is fully fermented

Processed into Fertiliser

Two Series of EcoSan™ Organic Fertiliser

Nutribiotic Fertiliser

Aquis Fertiliser

Nutribiotic & Aquis Fertilisers

The EcoSan™ Nutribiotic Fertiliser is the first generation of fully fermented, antibiotic-free manure manufactured by Otemchi Biotechnologies. It is available in both solid and liquid forms. Farmers using EcoSan™ Nutribiotic Fertiliser love to showcase their bountiful harvest of juicy and sweet crops, and sometimes report record-breaking results of massive fruiting and longer harvest seasons. It is also ideal for seedlings as it does not burn young foliage.

The EcoSan™ Aquis Fertiliser is the second generation of organic fertilisers. The result of a product upgrade, EcoSan™ Aquis Fertiliser is produced from healthy plant compost and is great for hydroponic and drip irrigation. Farmers working with EcoSan™ Aquis Fertiliser also report strong plant growth, heavy fruiting and feedback that it is a great fertiliser to use. 

Manuring Results with EcoSan™ Fertiliser

Manuring Results

Soil Rejuvenation & Remediation

Ground Remediation

First Planting - Hardened Soil Planted with Lettuce and EcoSan™ Fertiliser

Ground Remediation

After Planting - Increased Soil Friability

Abundance of brinjals on rocky laterite soil with EcoSan™ Fertilser

A distinctive contrast of lush brinjals on poor rocky soil

Lettuce Grown in Tropical Lowland Without Conventional Shade Setup

Lettuce Showing Strong and Healthy Growth is also Safe to Eat

Chilli Growing Strongly On Poor Rocky Soil Using EcoSan™ Fertiliser

Pumpkin Plant Growing Well and Better On Poor Rocky Soil Using EcoSan™ Fertiliser Over One Month

Papaya Plant Growing Vigorously Using EcoSan™ Fertiliser

With EcoSan™ Fertiliser

Without EcoSan™ Fertiliser

Japonica rice grown in tropical lowland with EcoSan™ Fertiliser

Abundant Kangkong harvest with EcoSan™ Fertiliser

Ceylon Spinach grown using EcoSan™ Fertiliser

Improves Flowering

Improves Flowering
Improves Flowering
Improves Flowering

EcoSan™ Fertiliser promotes structural integrity and color for flowers, showing a distinct radiance in the pigmentation

Improves Flowering
Improves Flowering

Produces Fresh and Natural Flavours

Produces Fresh and Natural Flavours

1 kg seedless guava grown with EcoSan™ Fertiliser

Produces Fresh and Natural Flavours

Jambu, note brightness on the healthy looking fruits

Produces Fresh and Natural Flavours

Papayas growing with EcoSan™ Fertiliser – Note the 3 – 4 ft height of the fruits

Scientific Analysis Concludes that Baby Bok Choy Grown with EcoSan™ Fertiliser has Better Taste, Texture and Nutritional Value

Baby bok choy grown over a period of 35 days using EcoSan™ Fertiliser

Baby bok choy grown with EcoSan™ Fertiliser are more delicious, with natural sweetness & salinity, and higher antioxidant activity. The insoluble fibre content of baby bok choy grown with EcoSan™ Fertiliser is lower and therefore scored higher ratings for its excellent taste and soft texture.

Side profile showing the robust petioles, grown with EcoSan™ Fertiliser

Note the distinct leaf venation, grown with EcoSan™ Fertiliser

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