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Otemchi Biotechnologies is a company that is responsive and sensitive to its customers’ needs and demands. The company's products are designed first and foremost with its customers in mind. It also values communication and a strong relationship with its customers.

With the unique combination of scientific and technical knowhow, the company provides consultancy and solutions in human, animal and plant health sectors. Its clientele comes from diverse industries including hospitals, food & beverage manufacturers and major agricultural producers.

Professional Consultancy

Highlights of the Achievements of Professional Consultancy

Antibiotics-Free, High Intensity Farming System

No antibiotics used in commercial animal farming

Excellent Natural Meat Enhancement with LactoMarinate

All natural and healthy marinate for tastier, tender meat that is lower in saturated fats and has a longer shelf-life. 

Functional Food, Vegetables and Fruits

Nutrient-rich food with health promotion or disease prevention ingredients and contents

Achievement of Consultancy
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