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Functional Food, Vegetables and Fruits

Lactobacillus Agricultural Produce Provides New Source of

Nutrient-rich Food

Functional Food, Vegetables and Fruits

Nutrient-rich food with health promotion or disease prevention ingredients and contents

Enjoy eye-saving Lutein-rich CaroGold™ Chicken

Otemchi Biotechnologies has collaborated with Kee Song Food Corporation (S) Pte Ltd (previously known as Kee Song Brothers Poultry Industries Pte Ltd) to great success. The drug-free chicken project was conceived by the need to find a solution to increasingly stubborn antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Antimicrobial resistance, often a result of microbes acquiring new forms of immunity to antibiotics, is a critical issue yet to be resolved by scientists. These superbugs are a result of the liberal use of antibiotics. According to the Food and Drug Administration, in 2009, 80% of the antibiotics produced were used by livestock and poultry.

Additionally, poultry farmers such as Kee Song have to go through the hassle of implementing a 7 day antibiotic withdrawal period whereby no antibiotics are fed to the birds prior to slaughter. These birds then satisfy the Maximum Residue Level (MRL) threshold. However, this 7-day period can be disruptive towards business. Hence, the drug-free chicken project aims to provide the only cost-effective long term solution available - eliminating the need for antibiotics altogether.

This is possible due to specialized proprietary strains of tropical Lactobacillus discovered, selected and characterised by Otemchi Biotechnologies. Lactobacillus is a probiotic that colonises the gut of its host, thereby preventing harmful bacteria from infecting it. By feeding her chickens this Lactobacillus provided by Otemchi Biotechnologies, Kee Song has been able to breed healthier chickens with increased immunity to infections. Furthermore, they report a remarkable survival rate of 98%, which is higher than the industrial average of 95% (poultry reared on antibiotics). Additionally, Kee Song’s chickens reared on Lactobacillus also have less fat and less cholesterol, providing consumers with a healthier and safer alternative. These chickens are better in quality, good for health, safe to consume and environmentally friendly.

Kee Song’s CaroGold Chicken was the fruit of our joint efforts. In accordance with Kee Song’s requests, we have also added beneficial carotenoids such as Lutein. Lutein contributes to the maintenance of healthy eye function and may reduce the risks of macular degeneration and cataracts. A serving of 200g of CaroGold Chicken provides the daily requirement of lutein recommended. As a testament to our efforts, Kee Song’s CaroGold Chicken was conferred the Healthier Choice Award by the Health Promotion Board in 2013.


Normal Chicken

Breast Meat


High Accumulation of Carotenoids Gives Strong Orange Appearance to the Breast Meat

Omega-3 chicken instead of Farmed Atlantic Salmon

Riding on the excitement of successfully creating a functional lutein-rich chicken, Otemchi Biotechnologies made another attempt at creating a functional chicken – this time with the nutrient omega-3 fatty acids. History repeated itself and the company was rewarded with its second functional chicken – the omega-3 fatty acid content measured in the functional chicken was as high as that of a farmed Atlantic salmon. Even the functional chicken skin was smoother and the hair follicles were smaller compared to a normal chicken.



5-10X More Nutritious than Normal Vegetables and Fruits

Modern industrially farmed food is often low in nutritional value. Modern farming methods such as the close spacing of crops mean fewer minerals for individual plants to absorb. Crops are also often picked prematurely to increase yields and maximize profits.

This translates to adverse implications on health. A lack of key nutrients such as calcium for instance, can lead to osteoporosis. Taking less potassium, which lowers blood pressure, on the other hand can increase the risk of hypertension.

Thus, Otemchi Biotechnologies has collaborated with its various agricultural partners to provide consumers with a variety of food products that are healthier and replete with the necessary nutrients for the maintenance of mankind health. Together with its partners, the company was ‘introducing’ nutrition back into food.

The EcoSan™ Nutribiotic and Aquis Fertilisers were developed to meet the increasing demands of agricultural farmers. Fermented with premium strains of Lactobacilli, the fertilisers deliver a comprehensive range of nutrients and minerals essential for healthy plant growth. Using Otemchi Biotechnologies' specially developed EcoSan™ Nutribiotic and Aquis Fertilisers, harvests of nutrient rich vegetables are now possible. Baby Bok Choy or commonly known as Xiao Bai Cai grown using the EcoSan™ Nutribiotic and Aquis Fertilisers are roughly 3 times tastier (as measured by sugar and sodium levels), contain 2 times more antioxidants (as measured by internal electroconductivity) and 20% less insoluble fibre, giving them better texture than normal vegetables grown by commercial NPK chemical fertilisers.

Xiao Bai Cai Grown Healthily Using Lactobacillus Fertiliser

Enjoy eye-saving Lutein-rich CaroGold™ Chicken
Omega-3 chicken instead of Farmed Atlantic Salmon
5-10X More Nutritious than Normal Vegetables and Fruits
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