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Formulated with

Superior AXT® Formulation

The result of continuous research and development to produce high performance products. Every product is manufactured with:

Robust, high endurance, natural probiotic strains.

Fast acting, pathogen-suppressing, natural metabolites and ingredients.

Proprietary blends for optimal gut performance.


Top Features

No Refrigeration Needed. Travel Friendly.

Ease Digestion.

Effective Protection Against Bad Bacteria.

Groom Your Body’s Good Bacteria.


Suitable For





Specially Formulated For Maintaining Gut Health

  1. People with weak immune system. E.g. Patients recovering from illness.

  2. Individuals consuming antibiotics.

  3. Individuals with poor appetite, restricted or limited diet options.


Gut care is extremely important, and especially so for the above mentioned groups of people.

Food is the major source of nutrients for the body to function well and the health condition of the gut determines its ability to absorb these nutrients.

minidenz serves as a gut conditioner, preparing the right conditions for good bacteria to flourish and hence improving gut health.

Uphold Gut Care and Health with minidenz

Unique mechanism for maximum benefits


                           1. Optimises gut conditions that promote growth of good bacteria.

                           2. Keeps out bad harmful bacteria and suppress undesirable growth.

                           3. Encourages healthy growth of local gut bacteria.


To Nurture. To Protect.

To Uphold Proper Gut Health and Functions.


Did you know?

All of us have a unique community of bacteria in our gut. These bacteria do more than just help in digestion. They are also responsible for protecting our gut from bad harmful bacteria that may be accidently consumed when we eat food that are improperly prepared. In addition, they synthesise beneficial compounds needed by the body such as short chain fatty acids and neurotransmitters.

When this healthy community is invaded by bad bacteria, we lose protection and may experience discomfort, indigestion, less-than-desired absorption of nutrients, or infection. That is why it is very important to build up and maintain a healthy community of bacteria in our gut.


What People Say

“My mother had been having gastro intestinal issues for many years (since 2010) and we have tried all kind of medications from different doctors but nothing really helped. We were recommended minidenz in June 2016. After only 2 weeks, she started to feel better and her diarrhoea stopped. A month later, she feels more energetic, has a better appetite and normal bowel movement daily!!”



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