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The Up-Phase Probiotics


Plant and Grow Good Gut Bacteria

with livedenz

Superior Technologies

Formulated with

Superior AXT® Formulation

The result of continuous research and development to produce high performance products. Every product is manufactured with:

Robust, high endurance, natural probiotic strains.

Fast acting, pathogen-suppressing, natural metabolites and ingredients.

Proprietary blends for optimal gut performance.

Pioneer in Up-phase Lactobacillus

Going Ahead Of Its Class


Low Dose, High Performance.

Rapid Colonisation and Growth.

Strong Action against Pathogenic Bad Bacteria.

These Traits are Vital for the First Recolonisation of the Gut for Individuals after a Course of Antibiotics.

*Indiscriminate killing action of antibiotics kills both good and bad bacteria in your digestive system.

Top Features
Target Groups

Suitable For



Plan & Vision


Specially Formulated For Maintaining Gut Health

  1. Individuals finishing a course of antibiotics.

  2. Individuals experiencing limited intestinal movements.

  3. Individuals who recharge their gut with high standard Lactobacillus.


Maintaining a healthy and balanced gut microflora is a good habit that is often practiced by communities with vast knowledge, expertise and technology in fermented food.

According to scientific studies, researchers have found that the gut microflora profile of healthy volunteers and volunteers selected for specific undesirable health conditions are distinctly different. In simple terms, people with certain health conditions are likely to have different types of gut bacteria from healthy people. For example, microbial studies reported that the gut bacteria profile taken from obese volunteers were distinctively different from the gut bacteria profile taken from healthy volunteers with no reported health conditions. 

This is because the quality and diversity of an individual's gut microbes are closely tied to his/her overall health status. In general, healthy individuals have a healthy, balanced gut microflora. Maintaining a good habit of regularly eating livedenz (probiotics) and minidenz (postbiotics) helps to replenish the gut with good bacteria and natures a healthy gut. 

Increase good bacteria activities with livedenz

Top benefits

           1. Rapidly colonises the gut, promotes growth of Lactobacillus and other good bacteria.

           2. Increases protective gut lining and integrity with Lactobacillus.

           3. Fights bad harmful bacteria.


To Rejuvenate. To Protect.

To Uphold Proper Gut Health and Functions.


Did you know?

Our gut is like a cosmopolitan city that experiences high traffic and activity throughout the day, when we eat and drink. It is generally responsible for storing food, breaking down food into smaller compounds, and absorption. It is also our main method of getting energy and nutrients to feed the body every day.

With a heavy responsibility to feed the rest of the body, it must have a strong security to police and prevent bad bacteria from stealing our main supply of food and attacking our body.

Without a strong protection system, it is easier for bad harmful bacteria to cross the gut lining, enter and spread to other parts of our body. That is why we need strong, robust gut bacteria to build a strong security for good health.

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