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LactoGold Capsule Series


The Pets Series

LactoGold Capsule Series

Consistently The Favourite Choice of Vets

With a Proven Track Record

LactoGold Trusted & Highly Recommended by Vets!

LactoGold Acerol Capsule

Reduces stress on the kidneys 

Reduces ammonia production

Lowers the blood urea content

Lowers creatinine level

Significant results reported by vets

LactoGold Acerol Capsule provides a special blend of Lactobacillus specifically chosen for its outstanding benefits on the kidneys. It has constantly received positive reviews from many vets and pet owners of kidney patients and often recommended as the preferred choice of vets. 

Positive Case Response Summary for 3 Feline Cats Consuming Acerol Capsules:

LactoGold Acerol Capsule

Natural Formulations For Better Quality of Life

LactoGold Piceiden 100 & 500 Capsules

Possesses anticancer properties

Increases appetite

Boosts the immune system

Helps to prevent loss of body mass & muscle wastage

Prolongs the quality of life

Good reviews by vets and pet owners

LactoGold Piceiden 100 & 500 Capsule provides a unique blend of biologically active plant bioflavonoids for pets undergoing chemotherapy. They mainly help to provide a better quality of life for the pet by increasing its appetite and helping to prevent loss of body mass & muscle wastage. These beneficial actions reduce the stress that the pet experiences during chemotherapy and makes life more comfortable.  

LactoGold Piceiden 500 Capsule is a stronger dose compared to LactoGold Piceiden 100 Capsule.

Successful Case Study by Professional Vets Using Piceiden 500 Capsules:

LactoGold Piceiden 100 & 500 Capsules

Faster Recovery Starts with Improving Digestive Health

LactoGold Proplex Capsule

Boosts the recovery process

Great for pets undergoing antibiotic treatment

Restores a healthy gut environment

Builds a strong immune system

LactoGold Proplex Capsule delivers Lactobacillus which are specially selected to complement antibiotic treatment and general recovery process. The live Lactobacillus multiplies inside the digestive system and helps to promote good bacteria growth, thus restoring a healthy gut environment. At the same time, as the Lactobacillus grows and covers the lining of the intestines, It helps to build a strong immune system and speeds up the recovery process.

LactoGold Proplex Capsule
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