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Farm Animals


The Farm Animals Series

Internationally Recognized, High Intensity Animal Farming System, Without the Use of Antibiotics & Drugs

In order to promote growth and suppress infections in the animal farming industry, antibiotics have been extensively used in animal farming. However, overuse of antibiotics in farming may lead to the development of drug resistant superbugs, resulting in a serious threat to food safety and public health. Thus, Otemchi Biotechnologies developed its very own Lactobacillus feed technology and proudly introduces LactoPak as the solution. LactoPak provides a complete set of functional products under the Antibiotics-Free Farming System (AFFS) which allows the animals to grow healthily without using antibiotics and artificial growth hormones.

With over seven years of intensive commercial production and data records, AFFS has been adopted by large-scale farms in many countries across the world and was also featured by Reuters.


Today's consumers who are concerned and actively supporting efforts to slow down the rise in antibiotics-resistant bacteria also applaud the achievements of AFFS. They also love the fresh, natural and healthy products from AFFS - the meat is tasty and tender, significantly lower in fat and healthier.  Otemchi Biotechnologies is proud to establish an  antibiotics-free system that removes the need for antibiotics in commercial high-intensity farming and the global food chain. At the same time, this system is easily integrated into existing farming practices so farmers can make the transition smoothly towards antibiotic-free farms of the future. 

Over 1,200,000 Drug-free Chickens Commercially Produced To Date

Antibiotics-Free Farming System in Global Farms Reduces Worldwide Risk of Antibiotics-Resistant Bacteria

Cherry Valley Duck with AFFS

High Intensity Chicken Farming Using AFFS


The Farm Animals Series

Strengths & Benefits

LactoPak consists of a series of products under the Antibiotics-Free Farming System (AFFS). Its strengths and benefits are: 


  • Antibiotics 

  • Growth-Hormones

  • Steroids

Farm Statistics

  • Promotes growth and weight gain

  • Better Feed Conversion Ratio

High Survival Rate

  • Inhibits bad bacterial growth without using antibiotics

  • Less susceptible to disease

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Suppresses common infection in poultry industry such as coccidosis, Newcastle disease and Infectious bronchitis

Healthier Digestive System

  • Protects the Intestinal System

  • Suppresses inflammation and gut-related infection by bad bacteria and protozoa

  • Better absorption of nutrients from feed

  • Better immune system

Premium Quality Meat

  • More tender and juicy

  • Improves meat texture

  • Lower in cholesterol

  • Lower in saturated fats

Commercial Results

Commercial Results



Commercial farming of animals, according to each manufacturers’ needs. Customised package are also available upon request.


Examples according to needs:

                                                A) Zero reliance on antibiotics

                                                B) Reduced reliance on antibiotics

                                                C) Withdrawal period


Class of animals: poultry, cattle, swine, etc.

Farm Pig
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