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Antibiotics-Free Farming System

Successful Commercial Farming With Lactobacillus Completely Removes Reliance on Antibiotics 

Antibiotics-Free Farming System – High Intensity Farming

No antibiotics used in commercial animal farming

Most farm animals are raised in high density farms, where livestock live in confined and crowded conditions. Although high density farming allows for cost savings through economies of scale and greater efficiency, it also facilitates the spread of diseases. The stressful environment coupled with the often unsanitary conditions due to the larger amount of waste produced mean that livestock in high density farms are more susceptible to disease. To keep their livestock healthy, farmers frequently resort to the liberal use of antibiotics. According to studies, in 2011, 74% of antibiotics produced in the United States were used on livestock and poultry. However, antibiotics have been used on such a large scale that resistant strains of bacteria have developed. These resistant strains of bacteria render antibiotics ineffectual, thus potentially endangering human health in the process.

Hence, Otemchi Biotechnologies has taken on the challenge of providing a more sustainable solution to the problems posed by high density farming. To protect livestock such as chickens from disease, priority should be given to maintaining the condition of the gastrointestinal tract. While there are many different strains of beneficial bacteria or probiotics that perform such a function, the gastrointestinal tract has many different parts and Lactobacillus is the only strain of bacteria able to colonise the entire length of the gastrointestinal tract. Most of Otemchi Biotechnologies' range of products developed for farm animals thus harness and utilise the properties of Lactobacillus.


Additionally, Lactobacillus does not only maintain the gastrointestinal tract, but also aids in the production of essential vitamins. The company's approach focuses on keeping chickens healthy not through the killing of bacteria by antibiotics but through suppressing the growth of bad bacteria via postbiotics, probiotics and boosting the immune system. Otemchi Biotechnologies is confident that its products will enable livestock farmers to take a step in the right direction in combating the many costly and stubborn diseases that plague livestock.  Through Otemchi Biotechnologies' products, farmers are ensured of the continued good health of their precious livestock.

Between May and August 2013, rigorous Minimum Residue Level (MRL) trials on chickens were also conducted in the presence of established international companies and conglomerates such as Cargill, the Charoen Pokphand Group (CP), Rhone Ma Malaysia and Ceva. Institutional and academic bodies such as the Pharmaceutical Association of Malaysia and Nayang Technological University (NTU) were involved as well. The trials concluded with a total of 200,000 chickens proven drug free.

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